• Purpose: In the metal fabrication industry, the Discover stage involves understanding the client’s needs, project requirements, and the specifics of the metal fabrication project.
  • Activities:
    • Client Consultation: Meeting with the client to gather information about their project goals, budget, timeline, and any special requirements.
    • Site Assessment: If on-site fabrication is required, assessing the location and logistics.
    • Material Selection: Identifying the appropriate metal materials based on project requirements.
  • Outputs: A comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope, client expectations, and material requirements.


  • Purpose: The Define stage in metal fabrication is about specifying the exact details of the project, creating design plans, and establishing clear objectives.
  • Activities:
    • Design and Planning: Creating detailed drawings, schematics, or CAD models of the metal components or structures to be fabricated.
    • Budgeting and Cost Estimation: Determining the project’s budget, including material costs, labor, and any additional expenses.
    • Project Timeline: Establishing a timeline with milestones and deadlines for different project phases.
  • Outputs: Detailed design plans, cost estimates, and a project timeline.


  • Purpose: The Develop stage involves the actual fabrication and assembly of metal components or structures based on the defined plans and specifications.
  • Activities:
    • Metal Cutting and Shaping: Cutting and shaping metal sheets, pipes, or beams to the required dimensions and forms.
    • Welding and Joining: Joining metal components through welding, brazing, or other techniques.
    • Finishing and Surface Treatment: Applying finishes like painting, powder coating, or plating to enhance the appearance and protect against corrosion.
  • Outputs: Fabricated metal components, structures, or products in accordance with design specifications.


  • Purpose: In metal fabrication, the Deliver stage involves the final steps required to make the fabricated metal products ready for use or installation.
  • Activities:
    • Quality Assurance and Inspection: Thoroughly inspecting the fabricated components for quality, accuracy, and adherence to specifications.
    • Packaging and Shipping: Preparing the components or products for transportation to the installation site or end-users.
    • Installation (if applicable): Installing the fabricated metal structures or components at the designated location.
  • Outputs: Successfully delivered and, if necessary, installed metal products that meet quality standards.