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At Metal Fabrik we provide a wide range of steel engineering solutions under one roof. With over a decade of work experience to our name, we also provide state-of-the-art CNC services, like CNC Punching, CNC Bending Folding, Laser cutting, Metal fabrication, CNC 3D wire bending. We also specialize in PATINA finishes that can be applied on mild steel, aluminum, copper & brass.


CNC Punching:

The CNC punching is one of the most versatile services we offer since it can help transform flat metal sheets into practically any shape and form desirable. It also helps to produce different and complex shapes from simple flat sheets. 3D forms such as louvers, knock-out holes, and screw thread plugs can be achieved through punching. CNC punch presses can operate on sheets from as low as 0.5mm to 6.0mm thickness.

CNC Bending and Folding:

CNC bending and folding are specifically helpful to manufacture machine tools. This CNC machine is developed for high flexibility and low setup times. As the name suggests, the main purpose of the CNC bending and folding machine is to bend and fold the workpiece. Our folding machine combines various design aspects with its features. It also combines the bending angles up to 145 degrees into a single CNC system with provided bending techniques.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine:

CNC Cutting is done through laser for sheet metal is also named as “vaporization cutting “. The processing range for most CNC laser cutters is 0.5 mm to 25 mm.
The laser cutter is faster than CNC punch machines since the laser head is the only moving part. Quicker on thinner gauges. It is relatively easy to program. It helps to produce complicated designs.

Metal Fabrication:

It is the process of fabricating structures & small components from raw metal. It also includes cutting, welding, machining, forming the final product, etc. specifically, for sheet metal fabrication, aluminum fabrication, and stainless-steel fabrication. Since metal fabrication is an umbrella term encompassing the use of a lot of many processes like:


Patina Finish:

A thin layer of patina is formed on the surface of steel, copper, brass, and similar metals achieving rustic & decorative finishes. It is different from other coatings like painting and powder coating.

3D Wire Bending:

It is a mechatronic process as it involves mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering applications.

Shapes created by 3D wire bending can form stars, cubes, and so much more limited only by human creativity and not technological impediments. In manual mode, wire forms can be made by entering commands through the serial monitor.

Our specialized engineers and our quality machines are fine-tuned to deliver the perfect services as per the client requirements. We encourage you to use our services for the creation and fitting of:

  • Stainless steel tables, racks, trolleys
  • Shopfitting accessories
  • Refractory bars
  • Modular racks and furniture.
  • … and so much more!

Our USP:

Firstly, we understand what our clients expect from us, then we proceed to choose the best way to achieve those results. According to those specifications, CNC work is carried out on the MetalFabrik workshop floor. We are custom-fitted to cater to a range of clientele with varying degrees of expertise such as a professional with daily run-ins with the tech and an occasional dilettante alike.

We make it a point to perform regular maintenance on all our machines. We also take pride in our specialized and trained labor, Owing to this, only our services are well regarded to produce lasting results. We also have a skilled CNC programmer leading every project as per the client’s requirement.

Just like how a paper is cut and shaped in any way, similarly, we at MetalFabrik punch, fold, bend, cut steel in any way and are also able to impart desired shapes and designs in various sizes.

MetalFabrik can be your partner by understanding your ideas and providing design services or recreate your ideas and designs into reality.

Looking forward to get Laser Cutting Service in UAE, Laser Cutting Service in Ras-al-khaimah, contact us.

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