The space instils the habits of innovation and futurism for a world class experience. We dont do stagnant and stationary, we move fast and make new things unlike any seen before. Masterful use of cutting edge technology is at the heart of we delivering creative solutions.

Playful and simulating creation

Perfect blend of
materials and processes

To reflect the design elements in soothing curves and harmony. While placing significance on value engineering and conforming to principles of physics, we seamlessly integrate the use of CNC 3D Bending, CNC Laser Cutting into our metal fabrication design ideas. The outcome is…



Innovation knows no bounds and we challenge ourselves to do something new and different in every project that allows space to demonstrate modernization and fresh vicissitude.

Technical Data

  • Type
    Value engineering, Project execution, Design collaboration
  • Material
    Steel, Wood, Acrylic
  • Processes
    CNC bending, CNC laser cutting, Metal fabrication, Powedercoating, Electro plating, Electricals
  • Location
    Dubai, U.A.E
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