Patina for Timeless Elegance

26th April 2022 Admin

Patina for Timeless Elegance

Our long-standing fascination with interior design has been used as a method of seeking inner peace through aesthetics. In recent years, more and more studies have pointed out the direct impact that our spaces have, not just on our moods, but also on our overall wellbeing.

Our lives are more consumed by our interiors than ever before due to the slow pace of modern life. This has led us to want to truly create a space that reflects what’s on our minds visibly and affectionately. As we’ve been paying close attention to design lately, we’ve been noticing how it can create an energy.

So we bring you décor inspiration that is truly unique, interestingly warm with bright yet naturally toned hues and shades of patina. Keep reading to learn more about this trend.

Decorating 101 with Patina
It may seem at this point that patina is only suited for metal accessories such as fixtures or wall art, but that is not the case. Below are some examples of other patina-finished décor and furnishings:

Mirror Frames: 
A patina finish adds a vibrant appeal to an otherwise plain mirror frame. The rusty patina of vibrant red and glistening copper or steel are great subsume for a pop of color. Furthermore, these rare antiquities are stylishly sustainable, in addition to their decorative potential.

Console Tables and Chests:
Weathered wood looks gorgeous with distressed metal. Table or chest handles with metal bands or drawer handles can be patinated to bring out their natural beauty. If you want your wooden furniture to make a big statement in your home, there are special paints and techniques that can help. We can produce larger pieces that showcase patina.

Lighting Fixtures: 
Much like mirrors, mounted or standing wall fixtures can be adorned with patina. Metal lanterns and copper fixtures are especially beautiful with this unique treatment, which lends itself particularly well to a rustic setting. Not to forget some of those classic patina décor items we mentioned earlier. A patina treatment elevates metal accessories like fixtures and artwork.


Rustic and Chic

Associated with patina are the vivid blues and greens and the warm copper tones. This color palette is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also evokes feelings of coziness and warmth that are just right for cozy home décor.

An antique patina tabletop or a serving tray can be a lovely centerpiece for your holiday dinner table. Also suitable additions in this style are candlesticks, metal walls, vases, and other accessories, given its bright colors, which are especially welcoming during the colder, darker months. It is easy to build your collection of patina accents if you like them, and to find other accessories that match.

Expert designers will help you take on a trend like patina and make it work in your home. MetalFabrik’s design professionals know what’s hot in décor and how to incorporate it into your home. Free consultations are available over the phone or in person to discuss your design style and expectations.

Contact our professional team of designers today to incorporate patina and other décor trends into your home for the new season.


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