Metal Patina Finishes

22nd March 2022 Ariser

Metal Patina Finishes

Exordium: Metal Patina Finishes

Metal patina is a traditional technique that imparts various colors and textures to metal parts and furniture, as well as art works. Applied coatings, including painting and powder coating, differ in that they are the result of the reaction of a solution with the metal surface. A metal’s reaction with moist air takes place gradually over time. The process of applying decorative metal patina finishes is greatly accelerated by the use of a blend of acids. Cold and hot treatments produce different textures and colors, which can be enhanced by applying wax or oil to the surface

Exclusive: Antique Rustic coatings

Patina is applied to metals. Metals such as copper, silver, and bronze have the greatest range of reactive colors. Antique, weathered and bespoke finishes are achieved to provide the ideal look to accent any metal job. Metal coatings are a unique and inexpensive alternative to copper, brass, or bronze. Heavy acrylic is blended with metal-ground solids to form these liquid coatings. The resulting metal finish is durable and free of the limitations, expenses, or maintenance problems of natural metals.

Exceptional: Bold Subdued Shades

We are at the forefront of innovative metal Patina Finishes continuously exploring the possibilities to create an array of signature finishes. The following are some of our best-selling shades.

Patina Brass
Age old Finish that incorporates an ancient distressed look as was dug out of the hills of an ancient valley. The highly stylized finish achieves affine statement when applied on ornamental legs or bases for tables, chairs, and other furnishings. The actual combinations of metals and Patina Brass are limited only by your imagination.

Magic Black
Magic Black has been positioned as the medium par excellence bearing the aesthetic, symbolic and poetic values. Contributing to the drama of the scene. An appearance or aura derived from association of particular acids, establishing serene character.

Silver patina
Silver patina remarks chic and refine connotations with the richness emerging from a particular combinations of procedures. Enhancing the expression of space with its seductiveness or coquetry aesthetics, efficiently blending the modernity. From almost all the other beautiful patterns silver by far incorporates the most subdued emotion to any décor accessory.

Orange Rust
This brief but significant appearance in one of the classics. Exhibiting bold composure relevant to any sort of exterior or interior settings. This intense cordial color on contact with metal is acquired with the recipe of proper proportions of chemicals.

Exotic: Quality High End Look

In effect to patination, the price of metals makes them effective for ornaments and not so much for large works. Often, special finishes are daunting due to their complexity while an exotic finish is considered a luxury. But pre-made mixes can simplify the project. With liquid copper, brass, or bronze coatings an actual metal finish with an oxidized patina finish can be achieved at a favorable cost. We have several exclusive shades on the list that can expand the line of finishes and allow you to achieve a quality, high end look.


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