Impact of CNC machining in Modern Manufacturing

30th April 2021 Ariser

Impact of CNC machining in Modern Manufacturing

Ever since the advancement and evolution of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology in manufacturing processes, there has been an uptick in their adoption and implementation through a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes. This has been so deeply embedded in modern manufacturing methods that there is no going back to conventional methods of fabrication.

Some of the benefits and advantages of shifting to modern methods are:

1) Extensive Experience or Skill is not required to begin operating CNC machinery since operational expertise can be acquired on the job.

2) Strength of the workforce required to Operate CNC Machinery is often less in numbers leading to reduced operational costs and infrequent production delays. Unlike humans, machines do not need to take breaks for R&R, simply put, machines run tasks reiterate it over and over with minimal human supervision.

3) CNC achieves a superbly high ease of replication of process from raw metal to finished product since process is mechanized and robotic. This yields unbeatable level of precision and exactness that is just not comparable to human handiwork.

4) Using CNC Software multiplies and opens up options of production by being able to cut, punch, bend, fold and shear with laser precision and at unmatchable speeds too.

5) CNC Machines eliminate the need for creation and development of Prototypes since almost all defects and imperfections can be ousted at the time of 3D planning and design phase using CAD software prior to creation of the item, making prototyping a thing of the past at least for a fundamentally and technically sound person with a clear vision.

6) The modern workforce are software savvy people. Even with a mediocre level of technical and algebraic understanding, the average human labour can supervise and operate CNC Machines making them a good fit for the skills of modern workers.

7) When configured, programmed and course-corrected properly, CNC machining also produces significantly less amount of waste compared to full manual methods.

8) The environmental impact of CNC tech adoption results in an overall Eco friendly outcome since the nitrogen in the air can be used to wind down green house effect through the virtue of nitrogen trapping. Nitrogenous gases play a role of undeniable significance in climate change globally. Being over 3000% more effective at trapping atmospheric heat than carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide is revered to be a particularly potent greenhouse gas.

These are some of the most easily noted observations making CNC technology an obvious and advantageous choice for the benefit of all parties involved.

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