How CNC Laser Cutting Mасhіnеѕ works?

4th February 2021 Ariser

High-Quality output with CNC TruLaser

TruLaser 3030 from Trumph

At MetalFabrik, TruLaser machines with CO2 lasers combine high performance with cut quality that is second to none.

We create laser cut parts with
smooth cutting edges with the
flexible standard TruLaser machine!

It enables us high quality cutting made in thick stainless steel, the cooling workpiece increases process reliability for the processing of thick mild steel. And also with thin stainless steel we achieve perfect quality in intricate contours.

Our services

Since five years we are inclined towards our clients product requirements and have created high standard market ready products.
Working range of 3 meters by 1.5 meter TruLaser we laser cut shapes in

  • Mild steel with maximum of 20mm thickness
  • Stainless steel with maximum of 12.7 mm thickness
  • Aluminum with maximum of 8 mm thickness

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