CNC Punching Machine

16th June 2021 Shafiq Sheikh

Enhancing Sheet Metal Using CNC Punching Machine

CNC punching is widely used in: Cabinet, sheet metal, mesh, Cookware, solar, telecommunications, switchgear, architecture, automotive cold processing industries.

CNC punching machine has a lot of advantages like high precision, stable quality, large processing format, multi-axis linkage, just change the CNC program when changing processing components, save the production preparation time, processing of complex shape parts, operation is remarkably simple as there is a high degree of automation.

The CNC sheet metal punch also has added capabilities of simple forming, beading, deburring, and tapping. The ability to run lights out increases our capacity and allows us to meet our customers increasing needs.

Why Choose Metal Fabrik for Latest CNC Punching Machine Services

MetalFabrik-FZ LLC is a decade old fast-growing organization aiming to achieve metal fabrication services in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. We have been specializing in CNC Punching, CNC Laser Cutting for more than 10 years. Our TRUMPF TRUPUNCH 3000 CNC Punching Machine can make quality sheet metal bending work using CNC punching and folding as well as laser profiling. We assemble components to customer specifications providing fastener insertion and tig welding with finishing processes such as Patina finish application to enhance the color and texture of metal parts, art installation and furniture.

We have been providing CNC Punching and CNC Laser Cutting manufacturing services for more than 10 years. We are committed to supplying you with products that exceed your quality, service and delivery requirements. We make your purchasing decision convenient and cost effective. We aim to give you the greatest value for your purchasing value.

Customer Service: –

Our aim is to exceed your expectations with every sheet metal bending product. Cutting edge technology, combined with the our professional sales team, allows us to consistently deliver on just the kind of innovative and flexible manufacturing processes so often required to meet your immediate needs. Creativity, efficiency and the ever growing commitment to our customer are the keys to our continual success.

Engineering Service:-

Our engineer will assist with you from materials options to specify critical dimensions and part function. Material type, thickness and grade can significantly affect the cost of a finished part, and a component’s function should dictate its design, ask our experts about design feasibility and some of the practical aspects of the manufacturing process. Design simplicity is cost effective. ​Our engineer’s team and prototyping specialists look at all aspects of the design and work with you to ensure that every detail is in order.

What we provide in CNC Punching Services?

We provide a whole solution for sheet metal bending; our capability goes upto 3000mm x 1250mm sheet, from CNC Punching, CNC Laser cutting to secondary assembly and Patina Finish. Certainly all process is under our quality control flow.


We guarantee all your sheet metal bending products are manufactured with compliance to all specifications and standards required by our customers.


As we have latest tech CNC Punching, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Bending and folding machine and welding department in house, we can deliver the goods before our customer’s expectation.


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