Design with Patina

12th April 2022 Ariser

Design with Patina

Working with Patina is a skill. Applying essential shades, juggling with solutions, using a variety of tools, attentive consideration of the materials, and persistent testing.
The quality and quantity of ingredients determine the success of the experiment. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon resulting from chemicals that accelerate metal oxidation. The presence of aging and distress usually indicate a high degree of deterioration.  By preserving classic looks, we recreate the magic of the past. Getting started with patina can be a little daunting, so keep reading as we walk you through the process.

Creating With Patina:

1. Determining the base to use
We ensure the substrate we’re using is the correct one. A patina is almost always used on metal or, to a lesser extent, wood, but it is typically used to create an antique finish on metal. We make sure to check beforehand to see which substrates the patina produce can be applied to. They will need to be coated with liquid metal before the patina chemical is applied.

2. Experimenting the colors of patina
Metals have different hues based on their patinas. For this reason, we select the appropriate patina color. Patina colors most commonly available include green, rust, black, and brown. In our previous blog, we have shared how different patinas look on various metals.

3. Testing with different tools
Having selected our patina chemical and metal base, we determine how we intend to apply it. Is it going to be applied with a roller, a sponge, a paintbrush, a spray bottle, or a spray gun? We tend to prefer spray guns to evenly apply paint on all sides and corners. Each tool will affect patina development and appearance. We recommend experimenting with different tools in different areas in order to see how the patina would look when applied with each tool.

4. Applying the patina
As soon as the patina is applied to the metal base, the real work begins. Build up layers slowly and incrementally. And, for protection, safety measures such as wearing a mask when it’s being applied is taken care of by our professionals. Patina looks best when the look is gradually built instead of with many coats applied consecutively. Layering provides a lot of advantages since you are able to see the colors, patterns, and styles forming as we progress. Therefore, we have more control over our appearance than usual.

5. Desired shade and appearance
It is critical to let the patina cure for the appropriate amount of time after we have coated it and achieved the desired shade and appearance. Drying times in excess of 48 hours are usually preferred. This is to ensure the base metal has been fully immersed in the patina and that the chemical reaction has been completed. We let it dry for at least 12 hours, for almost a day.

6. Protecting coat to ensure vitality
To make certain the high-quality safety for metal surfaces, we generally tend to embody the protecting coat as most essential to ensure the vitality and endurance. A protective coat is carried out as soon as the color and appearance preferred is achieved. This may be important due to it stops the surface from reacting with the environment, making certain that no extra oxidization occurs. There are many numerous types of top coats available at the market but we work with top coat with base

Where to shop Patina?

Patina chemicals can be purchased through our website. Our patina chemicals work best when combined with our expert’s advice and recommendations. Please contact us or leave your feedback in the box below.


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