CNC Bending Services UAE

12th September 2021 Shafiq Sheikh

For every big metal fabrication or manufacturing company, time is money, and it is difficult to separate time and cost, hence the use of advanced CNC machinery makes the job easy.

What is CNC bending, and why should the metal fabrication company care about it? Below is the answer for as to why the CNC Bending Machine and Services are useful:-

• CNC Bending Services save time and money, hence increase production and deliver goods on time.
• CNC Bending Machine provides components in a consistence manner.
• CNC Bending Machine output high quality standard metal shapes.

Bending also known as a type of forming that uses force by the engineer to change the shape of the metal, either manually or through advanced machinery. Only expertise and professionals from similar industry can do perfect bending of the materials and get the desired shape of that metal. This is where Metal Fabrik plays a vital role in furnishing outstanding performance in CNC Bending Services in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

For customers, it’s all about locating a right manufacturer with proper and latest CNC bending machine services to get their job done easily.

Automation not only speeds up the production but also helps out in cost cutting and timely deliver. Metal fabrication companies, with the use of high-end CNC Bending Machines accelerate the production and reduce the need for manual labor. CNC Machines also improve the accuracy and consistency throughout the work.

The expectation of the customers from the CNC Bending Service Company are getting higher and higher for the required tolerances in their work. This is where the high-tech CNC bending machines are well suited to achieve the desired precision bends and above all it also maintains the exact tolerances over long runs.

In another words, till the metal has the capacity or tensile strength to handle the bending work with the right set up of CNC bending machine, one can expect consistent and accurate bends over the long run

Why Consider Metal Fabrik Company as Best CNC Bending Services in UAE?

Metal Fabrik Company furnishes high quality CNC bending services to our customers, we use TRUMPF TRUBEND 3180, which is one of the latest technologies in CNC bending machine, to get our job done for a variety of industries such as retail & shopfitting, warehouse, factories, construction and many more. We have professional and experienced engineers who have an experience working with a variety of metals. On the request of the client we also provide custom bending services.

Manual Bending Vs CNC Bending Machine:

Manual: Bending is entirely dependent on the operators’ skills and chances of error is expected.

CNC: On the other hand, if CNC machine is set exactly to the required bends the consistency and accuracy can be obtained with highest quality of work.


Manual: Time required is higher to finish the job.

CNC: Time required is relatively low and can deliver the job on time.


Manual: Since time required is higher, cost is higher too.

CNC: Due to lesser involvement of labor and higher production output, is much more economical for mass production items.


Manual: High productions are not possible, when there is a high volume demand.

CNC: Machine production rates are higher and can fulfill the demand on time.


Manual: Manually bending with an experienced engineer may have low defects.

CNC: Machines are computerized, hence chances for defects are close to zero.



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